No future updates!

As you might have noticed, Control Freak hasn’t been updated for a while. For once, this is not because of my laziness. Sometime ago, my laptop died, and I lost all my data, including the Android certificate used to sign applications. Google Play does not allow the the certificate used for an app to be different from the certificate used for updates. This essentially forbids me from releasing updates to Control Freak.

English translation: the present version is the final release of the app. I’m sorry! I’ve received several mails from users providing suggestions and improvements, but I can’t work on that. However, Control Freak will continue to remain on Google Play.

But there’s a tiny bit of hope: I’m currently working on an update to the TaskMaster app that would include the functionality of Control Freak in it. Stay tuned!

P.S: I’ve learnt my lesson. I keep backups of the certificate used to sign applications developed after the (literal) laptop crash.


New update: Control Freak 2.0

It’s finally here!

Control Freak 2.0 is a completely redesigned version. Except for the name, you could say it has nothing in common with its previous versions.

Unlike the previous version that remained in the memory ALL THE TIME [Hey, I’m an amateur developer, I make mistakes!], Control Freak 2.0 enters the memory only when an alarm is to be triggered. That’s to say, if you’ve set an alarm at 7 am to say “Good morning!”, Control Freak enters the phone memory at 7:00 AM, says “Good morning” and, if enabled, displays a pop-up window. It closes itself once the window is closed or at 7:01 AM, at most.

Oh, that’s right. Control Freak can now display pop-up windows! Under Settings, you’ll find the option “Pop-up”. If it’s enabled, when the alarm goes off, a pop-up is created to display the text and the additional text saved under the alarm.

Complete list of features:

  • Move to SD card support
  • Better UI – green/red indicators for enabled/disabled status of alarms
  • Vastly better at memory management
  • Vibrate / Notification bar
  • Repeat option – Now you can have text spoken aloud repeatedly when the alarm goes off.

Feature requests and criticism are welcome.

Link: Android Market page for Control Freak.